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Somatic Movement beginnings start back in Duncanville Texas in 2012. Our small group DVPK ,( Duncanville Parkour ) began training at a local neighborhood park to advancing movement and athleticism. Little did we know word about us would spread across the town. Park goers, amazed by our level of skill would join in wanting to learn the movements we mastered. As we began teaching the youth surrounding the area our little group turned into a huge community of over 20+ individuals training at the park daily. Quickly we began hosting events reaching out to other parkour practitioners in the DFW metroplex. With so much buzz happening the idea of starting a local team arose. We took the most skilled athletes that showed leadership and drive and together we formed the team, Somatic Movement. A team that striving to turn a passion into a career through coaching and performances. At first we performed at our local Duncanville Christmas parade. Over time we progressed into performing in churches and working in video game design motion capture. As our endeavors into performance grew so did the need to provide a local gym to teach. We decided to take on the giant that is business. Somatic Movement Parkour and Martial Arts Gym became the new goal for the team we started to chase in 2015. We found that through the discipline, resilience, community, and spirit we gained through parkour we could do anything we set our minds to.

This is the life we chose

Old Somatic Quote


Armstrong Park Duncanville, TX

DVPK 2012


The Gym

Created for parkour athletes by athletes. We've put a lot of thought into our design. Each jump has been carefully constructed to be safe and packed with jumps no matter the skill level. We also make room to learn new skills with our various mats and spring floor.

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