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youth parkour

Our youth parkour classes start from ages 6-16 years old. Age isn't a factor as most of our instruction is tailored to the students abilities. 

We start everyone at level one / novice. With focus and dedication as your child advances will allow placement into higher level classes.


Level one


Ground zero. No knowledge of the most basic of parkour movements. Techniques such as vaulting, rolls, precision tech are all foreign. They must be guided through every basic movement in parkour and not pushed to take anything to heights passed waist level. Vaults such as step, two hand, lazy, and speed are focused on. Touch and go precision landings and small drops to roll are taught as well as bounce back landings. Heights at which skills are performed are generally feet and knee height.


Level two


Students are aware and able to perform every basic movement in parkour such as vaulting, rolling, precisions, and misc moves such as cats, support holds, tacs, palm spin, etc. They are urged to land precisions properly with heels hanging off and on the ball of their foot. However they are not absolutely perfect on their landings. Consistency of sticks at a small - moderate distance is difficult. Heights at which skills are performed are generally feet and waist height. They have acquired every vault in parkour and can do small short connections between vaults ( 1-3 movements per line ). They’ve begun to start basic acro movements and can start to be taught flips such as fronts, backs, and side flips however not required to pass this level. Rolling is perfect and can be done consistently.


Level three


All vaults perfected, precisions consistent at a moderate distance with great form. Large precisions can be attempted and bailed out safely. Students can now start working rail pres due to consistent landings. Heights at which skills are performed are generally feet and head height.  Students are now required to have a top out without elbow use and begin princes/180 returns. Flips such as fronts, backs, and sides now required before advancing further. Students can now start experimenting with slightly advanced acro ( castaways, wall flips, height fronts ). Vaults like the kong are now taught with added vault ( kong safety, double kongs ). Students are able to string together longer lines with fluidity between parkour specific movements. Lines with flips a little shaky, but doable.


Level four


Students have reached a very proficient level of movement. All vaults, precisions, cats, and acro they attempt are executed at near perfect technique. Stringing together lines both parkour specific and acro are very smooth and heavily focused on. Precisions are now focused at near maximal levels and can be attempted safely. Whether jumping to a wall or railing almost makes no difference when done at moderate to large distances. Acro taught is limited based on the student's ability to choose what skill they wish to expand. Recognizing what challenge means and the ability to pick them out now required by students. Training is almost all competition based. Classes become more like training sessions as opposed to coach teaching students.

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