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your kids new favorite summer camp!

A full-service kid's summer camp designed with convenience for parents and fun for kids in mind.

What will your kids do this summer?
Video Games & Boredom, OR...
You're child will be engaged in team oriented games!

teambuilding games

We create new games everyday meant to emphasize teamwork and strategy. Creating real life accomplishments similar to the ones they achieve playing their favorite video games.

Final day of camp is always a nerf war celebration!

Physical Exercise & Daily Challenges

Everyday our coaches will teach your child new skills and abilities. At the end of each day watch your child excited to show what they've learned!

Learn parkour everyday during classes and camp!

more best friends!

The bonds created from hours of practice and play make for great friendships. Encouraging and pushing each other to achieve more is amazing for positive social development skills.

Somatic Summer Camp 2024
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Week and Days Passes Available!

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