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Birthday Party



Pricing determined by participants.







Saturdays: Before 11:30 AM

Sundays: Before 5 PM

About Birthday Parties

Bring the gift of parkour for your child's birthday! We don't know a single kid who doesn't love to climb, flips, and run around. You also get the added benefit of ensuring their safety with coaching and professional supervision. Each party is unique from the next, but we will do our best to meet your needs and create a plan for a fantastic birthday party!

Party Structure

30 minutes before: Prep Time.

First 45 mins: Instructional

Next 15-30 mins: Gifts \ Eating

Time remaining: Open Gym

Although this is completely optional we always stress the importance of a mini class to teach newcomers the basics of parkour. This creates a safer environment for the participants. A parkour gym is not a traditional play gym. We have a lot of obstacles that can be dangerous when not properly trained.

Typically we leave this time for gift openings, food, and drinks. This time is optional as well as very flexible. We provide many tables and chairs for seating, though we ask you bring the decor if wanted.

Lastly we finish out with free play until the end of class. We do offer games such as nerf wars if wanted. We have plenty of guns to share and participants are encouraged to bring their favorite guns from home.

Party Inquiry

Feel out some basic information and a Coach will be in contact shortly to lock in your birthday!


Please Include Amount Of Participants!


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