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what parents think about us!


First night here with my 9yo who was instantly hooked. Instructors are patient, observant, and dedicated to helping students improve specific moves. Classes blend together brand new students and more experienced for collaborative learning. So happy we found out about this gym!
Why kids need to master
Level 1 Parkour Kids

Research has proven that with good physical activity, kids tend to be cognitively more active.


Learning parkour develops
strength & coordination as well as promotes accurate decision-making, giving them an advantage
in school.


By overcoming obstacles in our parkour classes, students develop the habit of conquering other challenges in life as well.

  • Can we take a trial class?
    Yes! We require all new students to take the trial lesson. This aids us on catching the child up to speed as well as inserting them in the appropriate level in our program. A trial lesson is free and is all booked online in advance. Arrive 10 mins before your session to get a tour of the facility and meet your coach! Click the "Try A Class" button to get started now!
  • What ages do you accept?
    We accept kids as young as 6 years old. We have weekly sessions for all ages 6+, and even weekly sessions for teens and adults! We separate our sessions by age groups and skill level.
  • I feel clumsy, is parkour really right for me?
    Absolutely! Learning parkour begins at your current level of fitness. You’re going to love how caring and patient our coaches are. We work with you at your own pace as you learn the fundamentals of parkour.
  • My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?
    We see this often, a kid doesn't click with traditional sports and is left feeling uninspired and gravitating back to screen-time at home. Luckily, parkour at Somatic Movement feels like a video game in real life! Without the daunting rules and expectations that come with traditional sports; kids use their bodies in ways they never have before. Kids thrive in our programs as they climb, swing, flip, and more. Watch their inner love for play and movement finally blossom here at Somatic Movement Gym.
  • How should I dress?
    Dress for movement and play! A T-shirt, shorts or sweats, and some good athletic shoes are all you need. You should also bring a water bottle. If it’s hot or cold out, dress for the weather as the gym space may be warm or cool depending on the outside temperature.

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